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UNI: Buggy Alumni Association

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Buggy Alumni Association

Honor 100 years of Carnegie Mellon tradition with your gift to the Buggy Alumni Association. Your gift supports the BAA in making the experience of buggy more fun and engaging for students, alumni and families at Carnival and year-round.

The BAA’s efforts to improve the buggy experience are most visible in the jumbotrons that ensure everyone can fully view and enjoy the races. Every day of Carnival, you can find BAA events like the History of Buggy and other panels for students, family and alumni to gain a deeper appreciation for the sport, and social events like the Buggy Bash to keep in touch with your fellow buggy alumni. The BAA also works year-round to keep the buggy community up-to-date with weekly rolls reports, special events for Homecoming and Mini Raceday in the fall.

P.S. Your gift this Giving CMU Day can make you an Annual Member of the Buggy Alumni Association. Please send us a note at and we will be sure to send you the BAA’s exclusive Raceday Preview and an invitation to our Carnival Buggy Bash!

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!